7 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Cockroaches!

Published: 04th August 2009
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Step 1

Clean, clean, clean. Cockroaches like to live inside dirt, clutter and dark, damp places. Cover trash and place it outside of the home. Clean all dishes right away after use and keep food in sealed containers. Clean the bathroom and kitchen on a regular basis as these areas are usually the first place they establish a base.

Step 2

Remove hiding places. Get rid of additional clutter. Remove every shelf paper from drawers and cabinets. You must as well change every sloppy wallpaper.

Step 3

Plug holes and cracks. A tightly sealed home is fewer likely to contain roaches. You must fix every crack and seal all openings that you can discover. Stuff steel wool around pipes and into every hole you discover.

Step 4

Take away their water. Cockroaches can live an extraordinarily long period with no food, but they need water on a every day. Start by repairing every water leak. Make sure you dry out your sinks, shower and bath after you use them. Plus you can as well pour bleach down the drains.

Step 5

Boric acid powder is one of the best products for killing cockroaches. It can be sprinkled or dusted on top of almost any surface. It's best to apply this in any areas that are dark and damp. You can as well dust areas wherever you have seen them. Depending on wherever you live, it can be beneficial to sprinkle the powder under your house and around the foundation.

Step 6

Spray your shoes with bug spray. A ordinary way to get rid of cockroaches is to step on it with your shoe. Unfortunately, there are times when a cockroach's eggs will deposit on your shoes simply to emerge afterward. A bug spray on your shoes will most often destroy the eggs as well as the roaches that you squish.

Step 7

Call the exterminator, depending on how infected an area is. It can take more than one single visit to ensure that all cockroaches are dead. This combined with all the other steps should be able to get rid of the cockroaches.

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